Are you using Magento and looking for a solution on how to connect e.g. an ERP or inventory system? Or are you looking for a commerce platform to use with a specific back office system? MediaCT can help in either case. Often, ERP or other vital software within your ecosystem is an important factor in choosing a commerce platform. See below for some Magento integrations we have dealt with previously, but we're experts at customized integrations as well.


What Are Integrations?

One of the many benefits of Magento is that as open-source software, it can be customized entirely according to your requirements. This also means that you can create integrations with software from other manufacturers. For example, your company may have a fully operational ERP system already, or rock-solid inventory management. And you'd prefer not to change them. Dealing with this type of issue is our specialty.

At MediaCT, we have accumulated extensive know-how on creating Magento integrations and connecting to external software. We have developed a standardised solution capable of connecting high-volume Magento websites to e.g. ERP, CRM, WMS and POS systems.
— Jitze Bakker, CTO at MediaCT

Magement, a Proven Standard

Our solution for connecting software and data is the proven, powerful Magement platform. This solution is integrated into your Magento platform as an extension and configured based on your data and specific business logic needs. Thus, the product information on your commerce site is always up-to-date, and sales and customer data are continuously synchronized between your various systems. Seamless data transfer is essential in order to process orders rapidly, improving your customer's buying experience.

The greatest advantage to using Magement is the integration, which enables data validation and enrichment, considerably reducing the margin of error. Magement also provides error messages in the event of unforeseen problems with the data synchronization. Thus, you can respond rapidly and effectively to data exchange disruptions affecting your commerce site. Magement is built specifically for high-traffic sites and is used by the majority of our clients.

Possible Magento Integrations and Synchronizations


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