A well-thought-out commerce strategy is essential to the online success of your business. Online sales are now an indispensable part of doing business successfully. Without them, your business will struggle in the current economy. As you strive to distinguish yourself from the competition offline, your technological strategy is of equal importance.


Implement Your Strategy

Once a commerce strategy has been decided upon, it must be translated into effective tactics and operations. With over ten years of online experience, you're in good hands at MediaCT, whether we're putting your existing commerce strategy into practice or helping you define one. We have experience in using our technical expertise in collaboration with various trusted partners in the industry to help set up and develop successful online commerce strategies. 


MediaCT has opted for a strategy focusing on the development and optimization of commerce sites using the Magento Enterprise platform exclusively. We are thus specialists and a trusted Magento Enterprise Solutions Partner.
— Tjitte Folkertsma, Chief Commercial Officer


The Commerce Ecosystem


Other factors besides the commerce platform can influence the success of your business. MediaCT collaborates with the best agencies in the industry to create an optimized commerce ecosystem. We will gladly advise you on how to shape your ecosystem effectively.

A successful commerce strategy involves the interaction of various aspects. In order to roll out your commerce strategy successfully, these aspects and your business must be in harmony.

For a balanced commerce ecosystem, not just your strategy needs to be integrated, but all of these elements must also work together seamlessly. No matter which systems you use for your business operations and procedures, MediaCT has many years of experience in integration with various back office systems. In addition to appropriate advice on the best partner, we can provide seamless integration between these systems and your commerce site.

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Omni-Channel Strategy

You want your online commerce channels and your store(s) to be as fully integrated as possible. MediaCT helps you put your omni-channel strategy into practice. MediaCT has assisted multiple clients in successfully navigating this issue. Our solutions allow your customers to experience a seamlessly integrated connection between channels.


We are particularly proud of our commerce site, where customers can truly see and experience what light can do for an interior. Working with MediaCT was a pleasure. Thanks to their systematic approach, clear communication and professional attitude, we are confident that we have found an excellent partner.
— Henry van der Borg, CEO at Beaumotica


What We Stand For

Outstanding Quality

We stand behind what we do and are proud of our work. Improving quality is an integral part of our work. We do this by remaining critical, investing in team harmony and focusing on our specialties.

Expert In-House Team

With over 10 years of experience, we know all the ins and outs of online commerce. MediaCT consists of a team of experienced, enthusiastic, innovative, open-minded experts. Our entire development team is in-house, as we believe in a strong team that works together closely.

Best of Breed

No jack of all trades, master of none. We specialize, while collaborating with the best agencies in the industry. Thanks to our many partnerships, we remain objective and flexible. What we do, we do well. And what we can't, we leave to the other experts.

Direct, Transparent Communication

Our company doesn’t have a hierarchy or layers of management. When you do business with us, you get one-on-one contact with everyone involved. You can put your trust in us; we are committed to honesty and sincerity. We want the best for your business.



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