Does the design of your commerce site make an impression? Are you distinctive? Is your site design focused on achieving maximum conversion? MediaCT has the expertise and experience to turn your ideas into high quality, high profile design. We combine your knowledge of your own business and our knowledge of online commerce to deliver designs focused on conversion and usability.


Focus on Your Target Audience

Your business revolves around your target audience. When you're responding to the needs of your target, you've got the key to success. We help you focus your design process on your target group. Who are your customers and how do they behave online? MediaCT ensures that your commerce site is designed specifically to appeal to your target audience.

Conversion and Usability

In our view, conversion and usability go hand in hand. Our User Experience experts translate your story into an optimal balance between user experience and conversion functionality. A functional, interactive design forms the foundation of your commerce platform.


Wiebe Veenstra.png
Every commerce business is unique, as is the online situation. To gain ground, you must stand out from the competition. We believe in creating unique designs, using the knowledge and expertise we gain with every design project. Thus, you benefit uniquely from the most up-to-date knowledge in the field of commerce design.
— Wiebe Veenstra, Interaction Designer at MediaCT

Mobile-First, Adaptive and Responsive Design

As a growing number of visitors use smartphones, tablets and smart TVs to access your commerce site, it is important that they receive the best possible view, irrespective of the device. We can help you choose the correct way to present your site for various devices. We use our design experience in various industries to ensure that your site operates optimally for all required devices and resolutions. When the customer's user experience is optimized, so is conversion.


At MediaCT You Can...

...Design a completely new commerce site;
...Improve the design of an existing site;
...Create a completely new design for a site without affecting the foundation.

The Procedure

We work according to a clear design procedure with your active involvement. After each step of the procedure, we discuss the progress and results with you. You already have wireframes? Use an external designer, perhaps? No problem. You can hire us for each step or combination of steps. We process the received information, get you back on track and ensure a high quality product.


At the beginning of the project, our team identifies your needs and presents its ideas.


Using interactive wireframes and functional descriptions, a rough sketch is created from the ideas.


After defining the interaction, a design is made for the graphic layer of your commerce site.


The entire team is involved throughout the process, ensuring a viable implementation, step by step.


What We Stand For

Outstanding Quality

We stand behind what we do and are proud of our work. Improving quality is an integral part of our work. We do this by remaining critical, investing in team harmony and focusing on our specialties.

Expert In-House Team

With over 10 years of experience, we know all the ins and outs of online commerce. MediaCT consists of a team of experienced, enthusiastic, innovative, open-minded experts. Our entire development team is in-house, as we believe in a strong team that works together closely.

Best of Breed

No jack of all trades, master of none. We specialize, while collaborating with the best agencies in the industry. Thanks to our many partnerships, we remain objective and flexible. What we do, we do well. And what we can't, we leave to the other experts.

Direct, Transparent Communication

Our company doesn’t have a hierarchy or layers of management. When you do business with us, you get one-on-one contact with everyone involved. You can put your trust in us; we are committed to honesty and sincerity. We want the best for your business.



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